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The Film Press Kit


A film - not exclusively a movie or a motion picture, is a series of moving images shown on a screen that make up a story.


Projected in rapid succession onto a screen by means of light creates an optical phenomenon known as persistence of vision - which gives the illusion of actual, smooth, and continuous movement we enjoy on screen.

As a medium:

Film is a remarkably effective medium in conveying a story and in the evocation of emotion. The art of motion pictures is exceedingly complex, requiring contributions from nearly all the other arts as well as countless technical an creative skills.

We appreciate this art in its highest form of execution.

The Film Press Kit website was launched in early 2020 by a small team in Denmark (with a global team!) who continue to add great videos and the talent that create them.


What kinds of video do you consider?
We accept all kinds of high quality work! Be it documentary, commercial, or short story of any genre, among others.
Can I link to the website once my video has been featured?
Absolutely! We are currently hard at work at creating categories for awarding entries and these would then be displayed in each entry page.
Will sending a submission guarantee a feature or award?
There is no guarantee that your entry will be featured or awarded.
How do I sumbit an entry?
Link here. Please send in a vimeo, youtube, or drive sharelink to your video and fill in the form.
Can I keep up with the latest?
Sure! Subscribe to our newsletter here.

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